Royal Watchers Just Discovered This Unexpected Trait In Prince William


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On September 10, the Accession Council was held to proclaim the new king — King Charles III. This tradition is hundreds of years old and serves as the formal recognition of the new monarch, per CBS News. For the first time ever, this ceremony was televised, providing royal fans with an opportunity to notice some unexpected details.

When Prince William signed the proclamation documents, viewers discovered that the new Prince of Wales is left-handed. “It is the small things you learn from these events like that Prince William is left handed,” tweeted one fan. Another remarked, “William [is] both left-handed and using an ink pen. In front of the world too. Brave man,” per Mirror. Fellow lefties rejoiced in their new-found common ground with the prince, saying, “I wonder if he too ruins everything he signs with pen smudges like me.”

According to the National Library of Medicine, 8% of people are left-handed. The trait also runs in families. Both William’s great-grandparents, King George VI and the Queen Mother, were left handed. Further back in the family tree, Queen Victoria was left-handed, per Yahoo! Sports. While both George and Victoria were “trained” to use their non-dominant hand for writing, George preferred using his left hand for tennis, while Victoria painted left-handed.

It’s possible that William’s son, Prince George, may have inherited his father’s handedness. Back in 2015, Daily Mail reported that as a toddler, George showed a preference for picking up toys with his left hand. 



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