Revelry Food + Music Hub set to fill void in Kelowna’s arts and culture scene – Kelowna News


City of Kelowna staff will offer its support to the Revelry Food + Music Hub in their quest to secure a primary liquor license for the downtown food and music venue.

The matter will come before the council during its meeting on Tuesday, September 20, where staff will advise councilors to send a resolution of support to the liquor and cannabis regulation department for the primary liquor license. Applicant Lee Simon is requesting a dual license for both food and liquor permits to allow minors to be admitted until 6 p.m.

The Revelry Food + Music Hub has been in the planning stages for more than two years. It first hit city planning tables in August 2020 as a three-story building, but it cut its design back to two stories earlier this year. Revelry already has its development and building permits.

The building, located on Ellis Street across from the Okanagan Regional Library, will serve as a food, beverage and entertainment establishment. There will be a café during the day, and it will also have a function room that can be used by local businesses and other groups.

At night, Revelry becomes a music hall for concerts and other performances. It is therefore seeking a primary liquor license for 685 patrons, even though city staff concluded in its report that it is inconsistent with a nightclub.

“The proposal fills voids in arts and culture, including a live music venue,” city staff wrote in its recommendation to the council.

The second floor will have a large open space that will allow people to see the stage below on the main level. Capacity is expected to be 550 for standing shows, 275 for seated dining-style performances, and 350 for seated theater-style events.

“Alcohol is not a primary focus of the business,” Revelry wrote in its application for dual license status. “Rather, alcohol is offered to guests who wish to drink responsibly while enjoying Revelry Food + Music Hub’s scheduled programming.

“The primary business model is aimed at GenX and Millennial customers, with everyone else welcome. A hypothetical customer wants to enjoy a fun night out—perhaps have a glass of wine or two with food—and then return home well before midnight for to relieve the babysitter.”



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