Meghan’s Public Windsor Appearance Has Twitter In A Tizzy For A Very Unexpected Reason


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Royal watchers were happy to see the Prince and Princess of Wales walking with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in front of Windsor Castle on September 10. Harry and William have always held a special place in people’s hearts since they were boys, but have been famously feuding for years. There are claims that Harry and William’s feud started way earlier than most thought, and the war of words between King Charles and Princess Diana’s sons has been heartbreaking for many. But despite tension on display, Meghan’s public Windsor appearance has Twitter in a tizzy for a very unexpected reason.

The Twitterati are speculating that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant. One royal watcher tweeted: “Watching them do walk about and MEGHAN IS PREGNANT. You can see that a mile off!” Another Twitter user tweeted: “If you look very closely, Meghan rests her hands very delicately on top of her pregnant belly. It’s actually kinda hard to see.” Another royal watcher believes Catherine and Meghan have baby bumps and tweeted: “It’s probably not the time but both Kate and Meghan are pregnant.”

But one royal watcher threw cold water on the speculation Meghan is pregnant and tweeted: “People who think tiny Meghan looks pregnant because she’s a tad bloated should see what I look like after eating gluten…seriously though can we stop with that s***? You have no idea what is going on with a woman’s body, and it is rude to speculate.” Time will tell. 



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