How Police Interrupted King Charles’ Drive Through Crowds After The Accession Ceremony


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King Charles III’s Accession Ceremony may not have necessarily gone to plan due to an alarming interruption that happened during his drive past onlookers. According to the Daily Mail, a man scaled the barrier outside of Buckingham Palace and attempted “to run in front of” Charles’ car as the newly appointed monarch drove by. However, the man was immediately apprehended by five police officers at the scene. His identity was not immediately revealed. According to a Met Police spokesperson, “An arrest has been made after a man ran onto the Mall, breaching the barrier in place” (per the Daily Mail).

Several Twitter accounts uploaded footage of the scary moment, and news outlets reported on the positive reaction that erupted from the crowd when the police officers swiftly tackled the man without further incident (via Metro). It’s unclear whether King Charles, whose official ascension was a technological first, was aware of the unfolding disturbance. The newly named monarch has already encountered a number of issues during his first weekend as king, including an unfortunate moment when a pen almost overshadowed his ascension council. In that instance, Charles was called out on social media for the seemingly inconsiderate behavior he showed toward his staff.

By all accounts of the earlier kerfuffle, the issue was handled quickly and efficiently by police officers who are holding King Charles’ safety as their top priority as the monarch continues to partake in public events this weekend.



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