How Chloe Cherry Got Her Role On Euphoria


A chance encounter online sparked the beginning of Chloe Cherry’s path to mainstream stardom. She told Nylon, “‘Euphoria’ came about because the director [Sam Levinson] found me on Instagram. He just thought I was funny. Then a casting company had me the audition, so I sent in tapes and stuff. Then when I went in to do the audition, [Sam] was like, “Oh, I was hoping it would be good.”‘ Funnily enough, Cherry had also previously re-enacted an intimate “Euphoria” scene in a satirical adult film skit.

In an article for Grazia, Cherry reflected on the surreal situation of being cast in the Zendaya-led TV series. She said, “I didn’t think it was real at first. It was 2019, and someone messaged me and was like, ‘Hey it’s ‘Euphoria.’ We really want you to audition for this role on season two.” It was pre-pandemic. At first, I was like, “Why would ‘Euphoria’ contact me? And why would they do it over Instagram?’” Truth be told, Levinson was a fan of Cherry’s Instagram Stories. And luckily, Cherry had that je ne sais quoi the “Euphoria” team was looking for. She explained, “I thought they’d go with someone with more TV experience, or a more professional-looking tape, but they loved it. It demonstrated to me that they were looking at what you can do as a performer, not a technician. An attitude, not an IMDB page.”



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