Fans Told The List Which Dress Length Is Their Favorite


According to The List’s survey, the fan favorite dress length is above the knee! With 30.47% of the overall vote, this length is totally versatile, modest enough for work, and fashionable enough for a night on the town. Knee length, a slightly lower hem than the No. 1 pick, received 29.21% of the vote.

In third place with 18.28% of the vote was mini dresses, a popular style that usually stops at the mid-thigh. Just over 12% of people favor midi dresses, a style of dress that’s length ends between the knee and the ankle. Midi dresses are the ideal appropriate length for semi-formal and “dressy casual” occasions. In last place with only 10.04% of the vote was maxi dresses, a floor length hem that flows with every step. Maxi dresses are great for formal occasions, or can be dressed down for the perfect casual summertime outfit.



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