Donald Trump Doesn’t Hold Back In His Most Moving Tribute To The Queen Yet


Donald Trump has always been known for his effusive prose online, some of which got him banned from Twitter for life. But Trump’s exceptionally emotional reaction to the death of Queen Elizabeth was a dramatic (some might say refreshing) change from his usual comments about President Joe Biden and the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home. Calling the queen “a grand and beautiful lady,” he praised her “generous friendship, great wisdom, and wonderful sense of humor.”

Now, the former president has more to say. In an editorial he penned for the British tab Daily Mail, Trump said of Her Majesty, “Few in history have more fully exemplified the traits of dignity, steadfastness, resolve, duty, and patriotic devotion.”

Noting that the queen was “respected and beloved by the American People like few other figures in modern times,” he added that he and wife Melania Trump personally cherished their visits with her as well. “At our unforgettable state dinner three years ago, we got along wonderfully, talking the whole evening,” he wrote. “As monarch, Her Majesty the queen was the personal embodiment of nearly a century of British history. Every prime minister from Winston Churchill onward served under her. When I asked her who was her favorite, she told me she liked them all.”

Trump said that while the queen was “indispensable,” the U.K. is still in good hands. “As we grieve, we are comforted that King Charles III will be a great and outstanding successor to his cherished mother,” he concluded. 



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