Does Victoria Pedretti Have A Twin In Real Life?


Victoria Pedretti grew up in Philadelphia with parents who were both involved in theater, per the Daily Press. In an interview with StyleLikeU, Pedretti said that she didn’t feel like she had a stable upbringing, but she didn’t realize how traumatic her childhood was until she spoke to a psychologist in college. “I was very disturbed to find out that that was my story,” she said. Pedretti recalled the psychologist telling her, “You know, the parent is the one that’s responsible for the child, right?” But, despite the emotional distress she suffered, the actor still loves her parents. “I really do appreciate they were consistently doing their best,” she said.

Thankfully, Pedretti had an older half-sister who was there for her when she needed guidance. “Since I was a kid, I felt such a strong bond and a want to be near her and a protectiveness,” Pedretti told Harper’s Bazaar. “She is my favorite person in the world, pretty much.” 

The actor said that her sister is 25 years her senior, pointing out that this extreme age discrepancy meant they had nothing in common when Pedretti was a child. However, this just seemed to make their relationship even more special. “I understand that there’s sometimes just a connection that is just there. It’s a bond,” she stated.



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