Cher’s Tribute To The Queen Certainly Didn’t Go As Planned


It’s difficult to measure Cher’s cultural impact — a global superstar since the ’70s, she’s experienced decades of transformation and success. Besides wowing audiences with her vocal chops, her presence on stage and in film, and spot-on style — which celebrities continue to emulate — Cher’s Twitter account is another arena where the star shines. 

Fans love Cher’s creative capitalization, random mini-stories, and bursts of political engagement. However, her recent tweet in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II is turning heads, and not because of its touching emotional content. Cher began, “Am Sad About The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth II. I Had Honor Of Meeting Her.” Fans responded to the tweet with photographs of Cher and the Queen — one of their first meeting in 1988, showing Cher in her full “Moonstruck” era glam, and a photo of the pair meeting again in 2001.

But Twitter got confused when the singer continued, “I’m Proud She Was a [cow emoji] & Happy She Had a Great Sense Of Humor.” Instead of calling the late Queen of England a cow, fans wondered if Cher’s emoji choice meant to say the Queen was the GOAT, aka Greatest Of All Time, per The New York Post.

Eventually, the internet figured it out — Cher and the Queen are both Tauruses, per The Post, so the singer was likely honoring their astrological connection as the bull of the zodiac. Still, this wasn’t the first time Cher’s Twitter has had the internet scratching their heads, and, odds are, it won’t be the last.



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