Are Grey’s Anatomy Fans Missing Anything By Skipping Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team?


“Grey’s Anatomy: B-Team” didn’t try to lure viewers with promises of medical miracles or steamy trysts. Instead, “B-Team” stands for the wholly unglamorous aspects of medicine, as Dr. Alex Karev helpfully explains: blood, bedpans, and barf.

For six short webisodes, the miniature spinoff served as a lighthearted reprieve from some of the heavier plotlines running parallel to “Grey’s Anatomy.” Still, “Grey’s” fans could happily skip “B-Team” and follow along with the main series.

Though “B-Team” is a skippable entree into the “Grey’s Anatomy” universe, the web series provides nostalgic déjà vu for viewers’ who missed Dr. Bailey snapping orders at underlings. “It’s also a throwback to the pilot episode of the whole series,” said “B-Team” director Sarah Drew, who also played Dr. April Kepner on “Grey’s Anatomy” (via The Pompeo Method). “That was all of our original interns’ first day, so we got to kind of recreate a little bit of the feel of that, too.” If the premise leans into “Grey’s” nostalgia, so does the “B-Team” soundtrack. “We even use some of the music on these from the original pilot episode,” said Drew. “It was fun to do some little throwbacks there.”



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