30 Best Veep Episodes Ranked


In its penultimate episode, “Veep” goes for broke with one absurd twist after another in “Oslo.” Selina begins the episode in Norway ready to accept a Nobel Peace Award (not exactly the Nobel Peace Prize, but close enough), but accidentally reveals herself as a war criminal to her old “friend” Minna from Finland, who immediately calls Interpol. Minna offers Selina asylum at the Finnish embassy, which is apparently so threadbare that they have to share a bunk bed. By the episode’s end, Selina has masterfully escaped under the cover of her daughter’s wedding and even sold Tibet back to China for election interference, negating the very thing she was there to accept an award for.

Back stateside, guest star Michael McKean livens up the proceedings as the irritable governor of Iowa, who feels threatened by new Lieutenant Governor Richard Splett. He goes to visit Jonah to bargain for a role in his administration, only to contract the chicken pox virus from him and end up going blind from shingles. This ultimately causes Richard to ascend to the governorship. Fortunes rise and fall in moments as “Veep” hurdles towards the end game.



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