10 Foods That Make The Best Edible Straws




If anyone says they know what a Slim Jim is made of, they are either lying or they know some official secrets. Slim Jims are like a coveted fossil at Wawa’s, 7-11’s, and other gas stations worldwide: They have been here for a long time and will survive long after we are gone, thanks to all the preservatives. 

Slim Jims are now available in several different flavors in addition to the standard meat flavor, such as Tabasco, dill pickle, nacho, tangy BBQ, cheesesteak, buffalo, and several other wonderful flavors you can dream up in between.

All the flavor options make Slim Jims the ultimate carnivorous edible straw, enhanced by their highly vertical length and various widths built for any drink. However, if shucking the inside of a Slim Jim yourself seems too labor-intensive then Benny’s Original Meat Straws is the snack that keeps on snacking long after the drink is finished.

Benny’s Original Meat Straws are available in original beef and chipotle flavors, and they are the ideal hollow and functional garnish that are perfect for a Bloody Mary or even fat-washed cocktails. The possibilities are endless: Nacho Slim Jims with tomato soup, habanero Slim Jims with a Corona beer, and even Tabasco flavored Slim Jims as edible straws for margaritas. With all these desirable Slim Jim and drink pairings, it’s hard not to fall into a meat coma.



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