Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work At Cinnabon


You would think that working at a Cinnabon would entail certain things: free treats, the enticing smell of the sweet, sharp spice in the air all shift long, and, most importantly, training. But if you’ve never made a cinnamon roll from scratch before and have thought about applying to Cinnabon, you may want to think twice. Even if you have made your own version of the chain’s desserts, most would expect the brand to have its own, unique recipe that it can teach you to follow. Or, at the very least, train you to work under quicker, more stressful conditions. While you won’t be placed into a position at Cinnabon without any training, the teaching you do get isn’t exactly as thorough or engaging as you might think.

According to some Cinnabon employees, the coaching was almost nonexistent — like they were thrown into the ring without a second thought (via Indeed). This meant that, yes, they were essentially expected to work even without full instruction, and had to wing it in their early days until they picked up the how-to from other colleagues. Multiple answers on Indeed’s Q&A page for the chain note that there wasn’t really any training, and they had to learn on the job, on their own. Working at a Cinnabon may seem enticing, but unless you’re a fast learner, you may not get that far.



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