Who Is Emma Chamberlain’s Rumored Boyfriend, Role Model?




The young man Emma Chamberlain’s fans think is her boyfriend is the singer-songwriter called Role Model. His real name is Tucker Pillsbury, according to Your Tango, and he’s been slowly climbing the stardom ladder since he released his debut EP “Arizona in the Summer” in 2017.

One of Pillsbury’s biggest influences was the late LA rapper Mac Miller, and amazingly, Miller was a big reason for Pillsbury’s success. The rapper reached out to Pillsbury on Instagram after hearing one of his songs. “It was when he and Ariana [Grande] were breaking up, and he told me he related to ‘Stolen Car,’” Pillsbury told GQ. He “flew me out, and my career kicked off.” 

The relationship led to a record deal with Interscope, and Pillsbury has since played Coachella and launched a world tour. He also released his full-length album “Rx” in April, which is seemingly all about his relationship with Chamberlain. When GQ asked what his (unnamed) girlfriend — who he admitted is his first ever — thinks of his album, he said, “I don’t know how to talk about relationships, but she knows it’s all about her.”

The musician also has an interest in acting, telling i-D, “I wanted to direct and produce movies,” before discovering his love of music. He even auditioned for the role of Elliot in HBO’s hit “Euphoria.” He’s also close friends with musician Este Haim, because they both have Type I diabetes. He told People, “She’s been like a f***ing mother to me.”



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