Tommy Flanagan’s Connection To His Sons Of Anarchy Character


A faithful supporter of Jax since the earliest season of “Sons of Anarchy,” Chibs comes into his own as the series progresses. His large storyline comes about in Season 3 when the club journeys to Ireland in order to find Jax’s son Abel and deal with the tyranny of Jimmy O’Phelan (Titus Welliver). In addition to stealing Chibs’ family, Jimmy O. was also the villain who scarred Chibs’ face. Showrunner Kurt Sutter included this detail in the series as a reference to a real-life incident where Flanagan was involved in a knife-fight decades previously. But while the incident affected Chibs in the show, the same cannot be said for the “Sons of Anarchy” actor.

“It’s not about the scars anymore,” Flanagan told Vulture. “I don’t see the scars anymore. They’re just ancient history now. It was a horrible thing that happened 20 years ago. I don’t give it a second thought.” Flanagan may not have reservations about his character’s backstory, but that does not extend to Chibs’ name. The actor went on to explain that Sutter gave Filip Telford that specific nickname because it was Scottish slang, meaning ‘knife.’

“At the time, I didn’t give it much thought,” Flanagan mused. “Then I thought, ‘Why the f*** did I agree to that name? It’s just too personal.’” Flanagan may be connected to Chibs for a long time coming, but that doesn’t take away from the promising legacy the actor has to offer.



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