The Truth About Anna Delvey’s Friendship With Rachel Williams


Rachel Williams and Anna Delvey used to be good friends. She shared how they would often go on expensive dinners and night outs, but it all crumbled down when they traveled to Marrakech in 2017. Delvey apparently promised to pay for everything, including flights and lodging, but when her cards got declined during the trip, Williams was forced to cover the bill, forcing her to use one of her company credit cards. She paid a whopping $62,000 after being promised by Delvey that she would be paid back, per The Cut. Of course, she did not get compensated for it, so she took it up to the authorities and got involved in an investigation that would expose Delvey’s crimes.

“Anna is a fascinating character for better for worse, especially as a young woman,” Williams told Harper’s Bazaar of what she thought of her former friend and why Delvey’s story seemed compelling. “She took on traditionally male dominated power structures when it came to financial scamming. People are interested in that.”

Ultimately, though, she realized that Delvey only kept her around because she deemed she was useful. “Even when I was friends with Anna, it was about the friendship,” she shared. “I really liked her and I thought our friendship was real. It wasn’t so much that I was swept up in her lifestyle, but mostly I just got swept up in a friendship that turned out to be toxic.”



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