The Sweet Recipe Queen Elizabeth Personally Sent A US President




The collection of letters sheds very little light on what was done and discussed when the two heads met at the castle. What we do know is that they broke bread together in the form of drop scones. The late President Eisenhower enjoyed them so much that the Queen was inspired to send him her recipe a few months later, along with a note that now appears in the National Archives

In the letter, Queen Elizabeth says that she had seen a photo of Eisenhower standing over a barbecue, which reminded her to mail him her recipe. She also offers a few tips on how to make a successful batch of drop scones, from “using golden syrup or treacle instead of only sugar,” giving the batter “a great deal of beating,” and not letting the mixture stand for too long before serving. The ingredients include flour, caster sugar, milk, eggs, cream of tartar, melted butter, and baking soda.

We also know that a photograph was enclosed, “a reminder of the very happy day” the historical icons spent together in Scotland.



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