The Regal Dinner Dish That Brings The Royal Family Together


In 2017, Chef Enrico Derflingher shared experiences from his time working in Kensington Palace serving the British royal family with Country Living U.K. Derflingher says he worked for the royal family from 1987 through 1990. And during that time, he identified one dish that was a hit with the whole crowd.

According to Derflingher, it was a shrimp risotto that was given the name of Queen Victoria Risotto. Derflingher described it as being composed of Sicilian red shrimps, parmesan, herbs, and Italian sparkling wine. He also shared in the Country Living U.K. interview that anyone who wanted to try it could do so at the L’Orangerie restaurant, which, according to Trip Advisor, is in Paris. The dish’s name is an homage to Queen Victoria, who Biography says reigned over Britain from 1837 through 1901. This creamy rice and seafood dish isn’t the only cuisine beloved by the royals, though.

Today shared in 2018 that various members of the royal family love foods like sticky toffee pudding, chocolate biscuit cake, and pizza. PopSugar adds that baby back ribs and roasted chicken have made frequent occurrences on royal tables in the family as well. While it’s uncertain where Queen Victoria Risotto ranks for the royal family’s absolute favorite dish in comparison to these others, there’s no doubt it’s somewhere on the list.



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