The Jennifer Lopez Album You Forgot Was Inspired By Ben Affleck


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Jennifer Lopez’s album “This is Me… Then” was released in 2002, around the peak of her relationship with Ben Affleck. The record contained 13 tracks, some of which were about Affleck, specifically “Baby I Love U,” “I’m Glad,” and “Dear Ben.” The first track is all about unconditional love, while “I’m Glad” talks about finally finding true love. “I think I’m in love,” the lyrics read, per Genius. “Finally.”

“Dear Ben” is much more explicitly about Affleck, with the lyrics reading, “You’re perfect. I just can’t control myself. Seems like I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me.” And while the most popular track from the album, “Jenny From the Block,” seems to be about Lopez not forgetting her roots amid worldwide fame, the music video for it notably featured Affleck, with the two getting followed around by paparazzi. Many know that they broke up the first time around due to constant media attention, so the video was likely sending a message to their dissenters.



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