The Absolute Worst Thing To Order At A Steakhouse


Out of the 599 people Mashed surveyed, 33.39% (or 200 people) would agree that you should avoid ordering your steak well-done at a steakhouse. Meanwhile, 32.39% of people warned against ordering fish, 13.69% advised against salad, 13.52% cautioned against chicken, and 7.01% warned against ordering burgers. So, what is it about well-done steak that makes 200 people advise against it? 

According to The Takeout, some chefs wince at the idea of preparing a steak well-done. The Spruce Eats explains that preparing a steak well-done impacts the flavor and texture of the meat. The longer the steak is cooked for, the more juices begin to evaporate. The fibers inside begin to firm, leading to a drier, chewier steak instead of one that’s tender and juicy.

Of course, there are some people who just plain like well-done steak. And if they enjoy it, why worry about it?



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