The Absolute Best Days To Shop At Costco To Avoid Crowds


Perhaps it’s not a matter of survival of the fittest when you venture to Costco, but instead a matter of choosing the right time to shop. According to Yahoo! Finance, the best time to shop at Costco is between Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The reason for this is because you avoid the afternoon “lunch rush” of customers, giving yourself just a small moment of time to shop before the evening rush comes in. Other good times for a lull in activity include going right as the store opens (or at least an hour or so after) and an hour or two before the store closes. This gives you plenty of space to browse and shop at your leisure (per Yahoo! Finance).

If you’re not so worried about the amount of people as you are about time, there’s actually another trick you can to do to get yourself through even a crowded checkout line without wasting too much time. According to one Reddit user, you should stack all the items in the cart with all of their barcodes exposed, making it easier for the cashier to scan the items rather than fumbling with each product to find the barcode.

Of course, you may just be a people person and enjoy the company of other patrons while you shop. Just so long as you’re not getting into any fights over checkout lines or products on shelves, you’re free to shop however you like.



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