Queen Elizabeth: Cher makes inappropriate ‘cow’ blunder in Twitter tribute post after Queen’s death


Cher fans react to singer’s baffling blunder about Queen, who has died aged 96.

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday 8 September. The news led to widespread tributes from her family, world leaders and stars of film, television and music.

Celebrities including Daniel Craig and Elton John sent touching messages in the wake of the news, as did Cher — however, the “Believe” singer’s fans couldn’t help but notice that her post contained something of a mistake.

Cher recalls meeting the Queen in 1988 and again in 2001, wrote on Twitter: ‘I was in a long line of ppl waiting 2 meet her but when she got 2 me she asked me relevant questions and seemed genuinely interested in talking 2 me.

The singer, who said she was “proud” and that “she had a great sense of humour”, appeared to call the Queen a cow, writing: “She was a…” before adding a cow -emoji.

After the initial confusion surrounding the post died down, it was noted by her fans that Cher likely meant the emoji to be a goat, with “GOAT” being an acronym for “Greatest of All Time.”

It would also have been appropriate to say that the Queen liked cows; a widely shared video shows the Queen at her jubilee celebrations in 2012, seeing farm animals and exclaiming: “Cows!”

Cher pays tribute to the Queen – but makes a blunder while doing so


“The Queen was a bull?” asked one confused fan, while another said: “I think she went for the GOAT…”

However, many praised Cher for her touching memory of the Queen. The monarch has been succeeded by Charles, who is now officially King Charles III.

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