King Charles III May Not Have Gotten The Keys To The Castle Just Yet


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The start of King Charles III’s reign hasn’t been easy. Not only is he having to take on a new and prestigious gig, he is also mourning the loss of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Through the grieving process, he has to play a crucial part in Operation London Bridge, aka the plan for the first ten days following the death of the reigning monarch (via The New York Times). While we can’t expect the new king to settle into the job perfectly, one unexpected hurdle popped up; he may not have gotten the keys to Buckingham Castle yet.

According to the New York Post, King Charles struggled a bit to enter Buckingham Palace. Charles and Camilla, the new Queen Consort, arrived at Buckingham Palace today and greeted mourners there to pay tribute to his late mother. They walked around the fence, taking in all of the tributes left by royal fans, before attempting to make their way into the castle.

This is where things got a little tricky. Charles was seen pointing to a different door, almost like he was asking which one they should enter through. He even asked for clarification.

Of course, royal fans were quick to get in on this story. One fan wrote on Twitter, “King Charles has missed the door to the palace.” Another retweeted a video of the king speaking with a tweet that read, “Is this really our neutral law abiding King? The door is to the left, Charles.”



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