King Charles’ Buckingham Palace Entrance Blunder Has Twitter In Stitches


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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles was named the new monarch King Charles III. On September 9, he addressed the nation for the first time as king. As the Independent reported in February, Charles and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, would take up residence at Buckingham Palace once he took the throne. However, the pair hit a hiccup on their first entrance.

After addressing the nation, Camilla joined Charles, and the pair greeted a crowd gathered outside Buckingham Palace. Once they were finished shaking hands, the royal couple attempted to make their grand entrance into the palace, but became confused over which door to use. “He doesn’t seem to know quite which entrance to go in through,” a BBC reporter said during a livestream of the event (via Page Six).

The entranceway mishap did not go unnoticed by viewers, who had a field day at the expense of the king. “It’s his first job in 73 years you gotta cut him some slack,” one person tweeted. “Chucky is off to a bad start, can’t seem to find the front door to his new home,” another joked. “Is this really our neutral law abiding King … The door is to the left Charles,” one user chided. One joked that the snafu reminded them of President Joe Biden, while someone else came to the king’s defense in his time of mourning.



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