Justin Long Teases The Hollywood Stars Who Inspired His Awful Barbarian Character


On what it was like playing this darker role and if anyone he knows helped inform AJ’s persona, Long said, “It was fun. It was a blast because he’s a despicable person, and it was fun to be douchey.” He teased some of the people he knows in Hollywood that have some of AJ’s less charming characteristics, adding, “There were a couple of people that I knew that informed the character. I’ve been in Hollywood for a while, so occasionally, you’ll meet some people like that. It definitely reminded me of some people.” 

Given that Long typically plays wholesome characters everyone loves, this role was a new challenge for him. He explained, “I’ve never done anything, fortunately, like this character has done. That was something I had to find. That was tough to relate to. It was awful, [the] things that he does. But it was a challenge. It was a really fun challenge.”



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