Julie Andrews’ Tribute To The Queen Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


The singing star of “The Sound of Music” and “Mary Poppins,” Julie Andrews, shared her sorrow over the death of Queen Elizabeth II in an issued statement, as reported by the Daily Mail. “A page in history has turned today,” the star wrote. “Along with millions of others, I mourn the passing of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.”

Andrews has a long relationship with the British royal family, according to British Heritage Travel. At the age of 13, she sang to King George VI and a young Queen Elizabeth in a Royal Command Variety Performance. In 2000, she was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for services to the performing arts. Andrews also recorded a message to Her Majesty for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in 2022, posted to the Julie Andrews Online Twitter account. In it, she recalls a radio speech she heard the queen give when the monarch was in her 20s. “You pledged yourself in service to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth,” Andrews said. “And I feel in all the years since, you have never betrayed that promise.”

In her tribute statement to Queen Elizabeth II following Her Majesty’s death on September 8, Andrews expressed, “It feels as though we lost a friend: a dedicated monarch who inspired all of us with her love, wisdom, and grace. May we honor her by holding to the standards she set for herself and her nation.”



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