Join amateur astronomer Frank Hitchens for Science Literacy, Space Week Celebrations




Both Science Literacy Week, a celebration of Canadian science in Canadian culture, and World Space Week are coming soon. What better way to celebrate than by learning from a Canadian amateur astronomer? Frank Hitchens, who hails from Perth, Ont., is the star of two upcoming KFPL events centered on the cosmos.

On September 24, during Science Literacy Week, Hitchens will host Eye in the Sky: The Hubble Space Telescope, a discussion of the telescope from its launch in 1990 to its retirement in 2011. Hubble was one of the most prolific tools for gather information from beyond our planet. Canada has a history with Hubble, contributing the Canadarm, which helped maintain and repair the telescope during its two decades of operation.

The event takes place from 14-15 in the Isabel Turner department. Register online.

Hitchens returns to Isabel Turner Branch during World Space Week for Voyager: Quest for the Titans, on October 5 from 18:30-19:30. Learn about Voyager I, the spacecraft that is the most distant manufactured object from Earth, over 14 billion miles away. Voyager, launched in 1977, collected valuable information about Saturn, its moon Titan and Jupiter and continues to communicate with Earth.

Register online

“It will be great to have Frank back on KFPL to discuss Hubble and Voyager,” said Jake Miller, librarian, adult programming. “So much of what we learned over the last four decades is because of these magnificent instruments. These sessions will be a great entry point for those who pick up astronomy. The seats are already full!”

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