How SNL’s Kate McKinnon Really Felt About Breaking Character During Sketches


McKinnon admitted on an August 2022 edition of Vulture’s “Good One” podcast (as reported by Variety) that breaking character during a taping was no laughing matter for her. “I felt ashamed because we’re not supposed to, and there’s something unprofessional about it,” she said. Specifically, the actor was referring to her “Close Encounters” sketch (a series we think included some of McKinnon’s most memorable “Saturday Night Live” moments), which focuses on a support group for those who claim to have had extraterrestrial encounters. The improvisational nature of said sketches tended to make everyone involved crack up. Even celebrity guests like Ryan Gosling surrendered to giggles during the skits.

Even though the reaction was involuntary and “SNL” has a long history of hosting comics who lose themselves to giggle fits, McKinnon considered resisting letting herself laugh a point of pride. The actress also admitted this loss of control could have an element of merriness. “And yet sometimes it was just too fun,” she said on “Good One.” There was a hint, I guess, of wanting the audience to know like, ‘Oh, man, I love this. You have no idea how much I love Aidy Bryant and how much I love this job and how much I love these jokes.’ So sometimes I would allow myself to just go there.”



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