How Camilla Parker Bowles’ Outfit Subtly Honors The Queen


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Camilla Parker Bowles made her first appearance as queen consort in the hours following Queen Elizabeth II’s heartbreaking death (via Express). She walked alongside her husband, the newly ascended King Charles III, as the couple headed through the doors of Buckingham Palace, where a sweet weather anomaly occurred following the queen’s death

The pair wore black to express their period of mourning, with Camilla donning a dark dress, a pearl necklace, and a brooch, which are two accessories that Elizabeth was often seen wearing.

The brooch is encrusted in diamonds and fashioned in the shape of a knot. Camilla has often worn the piece of jewelry for events such as Commonwealth Day in 2020 and to church on Christmas Day in 2019. According to Page Six, the brooch is believed to represent love and unity, and it could be a way for Camilla to honor Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family during this difficult time.

It’s speculated that the queen consort may also be sending a message to the royals, calling for them to come together following the queen’s passing amid a period of turmoil in the family. It’s reported that she may also be hinting that she wants the British people to band together as Charles begins his reign in the aftermath of Elizabeth’s historic run as monarch.



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