Elizabeth Hurley’s Heartfelt Tribute To The Queen


Less than 24 hours after the world learned about Queen Elizabeth’s heartbreaking death at the age of 96, tributes to the widely-admired monarch have taken over the internet. From Harry Styles to Kamala Harris, there is no shortage of love being outpoured for the long-serving monarch (via People).

Adding to the list of world leaders and celebrities who have felt inspired to pay homage to the Queen is Elizabeth Hurley, an England native best known for her role as Vanessa Kensington in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (via IMDb). It’s worth noting the 57-year-old also starred in a TV series called “The Royals” playing Queen Helena.

Taking to her Instagram, Hurley shared a carousel of image of the Queen at various ages throughout her 70 plus-year reign. Her caption truly captured how the death of the former head of the royal family signals the end of an era.

“Cut from a cloth that has long been discontinued,” the actress wrote, adding, “RIP our wonderful Queen. What a sad, bleak day.”

Incidentally, Hurley has said in the past that she is a big fan of the monarchy and celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee this past June in her own unique way (via Fox News). In fact, the star is so “in” with the royals that she and the late Queen even shared a stalker!



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