Dallas Dupree Young Talks Kenny’s Evolution On Cobra Kai Season 5 And More


I certainly love the setup of this season, and I don’t think we’re going into spoiler territory here to say Daniel and Chozen Toguchi are trying to figure out a creative way to stop Terry Silver from turning Cobra Kai into this karate empire. How exciting was it to see this season’s main storyline unfold?

It was extremely exciting to see this whole story unfold and for them to incorporate Chozen’s character again at the end of Season 4 and then continue along in Season 5. To have the opportunity to meet Chozen [Yuji Okumoto] was an incredible moment for me. It’s something that I’ll never forget, for sure.

As we go along in the entire fifth season, people are going to see the evolution of everybody’s character, and the storylines continue to grow. But every time I read the scripts, I was on the edge of my seat, thinking, “I’m interested. I’m engaged.” I think that’s exactly how every single fan of the show will be. That’s really cool for people that love those original movies.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to fans that some characters from the original movies like Chozen emerge and some characters from previous seasons come back. Without going to get into spoiler territory, that, to me, is why the series is so great, as you see the old stuff and the new stuff is woven together. There are so many layers. You must say as an actor, “God, this is ingenious stuff.”

It is so genius of them. For them to incorporate all of these different characters from past seasons or from the movie, it’s mind-blowing, because that’s the uniqueness of “Cobra Kai.” Not a lot of shows have the ability to do that. The way they incorporate each character, each storyline, is so well executed. You could tell they have everything planned. They have a very nice vision for the series and where it’s going.



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