Cobra Kai Season 5 Gives Us A Peek Into Johnny’s Eyebrow-Raising Work History


Since Johnny has a car, Shannon comes up with the idea to set Johnny up with a DoorDash-type mobility service gig. Meanwhile, the man himself continues his decades-long streak of remaining impressively unaware of most technological and social developments after the 1980s by having absolutely zero clue about the whole mobility as a service industry. During this conversation, we find out a surprising little fact about Johnny’s checkered work history, as he heavily implies that he used to work as a stripper after high school.

Johnny’s experiences in this particular job were evidently less than enchanting, as he ended up quitting after he grew tired with the customers’ wandering hands. However, while he seems to think that the job Shannon hooks him up with is a door-to-door stripper or even escort gig, he still doesn’t hesitate to accept. “Never thought I’d see the day,” he briefly laments before fully resigning to his fate. 

Of course, “Cobra Kai” is a family show, and Johnny’s new food-hauling, customer-terrorizing job turns out to be rather less exotic than he was clearly bracing himself for. Still, this short exchange reveals that even after five seasons of “Cobra Kai,” the character is full of surprises. 



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