Cher’s Unexplainable Tribute To The Queen Is Raising Eyebrows


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Following the news that Queen Elizabeth II had died, superstar singer Cher took to her Twitter page to share some touching words. “Am Sad About The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth II. I Had Honor Of Meeting Her. I Was In Long Line of Ppl. Waiting 2 Meet Her, Yet When She Got 2 Me, She Asked Me Pertinent Questions & Seemed Genuinely Interested In Talking 2 Me,” the “Believe” singer said. However, it was the sentence after that raised some eyebrows and left people asking one question. “I’m Proud She Was a [ox emoji] & Happy She Had a Great Sense Of Humor.’

Given that Cher’s tweet was heartfelt, fans wanted to know if she really meant to use that choice of emoji. “Did Cher just call the queen a cow,” one user wrote. “ur happy she was a WHAT???” another person questioned. “Cher accidentally calling the queen a cow nahhh i’m on the floorrrrr,” a third fan remarked. Even though Cher hasn’t confirmed what she meant by the emoji, it is believed that the ox is related to her and Elizabeth both being a Taurus. “It’s clearly to represent the Taurus zodiac sign. She is proud because both were Taureans with birthdays a day apart,” a user noted.

According to Metro, Cher first met Elizabeth in London at the film premiere for “Empire of the Sun” in 1988. 13 years later, they met again in 2001 at the Royal Variety Performance.



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