Brisbane Lions 14.8 (92) d Melbourne Demons 11.13 (79) semi-final results, standings, teams, ladder, odds, tickets, players




Q: Tell us what a performance I think especially when we talk about the losing streak at the MCG to break it at the most important time of the year, how does that feel?

Pretty important, we picked a good day to do these things. Good teams play at the MCG, not easy to win here, we haven’t played here very often. We’ve had three times over the last nine or 10 weeks, probably helped us. ..I thought we were in a little bit of trouble early on, Melbourne was all over us. It’s probably a bit lucky that they didn’t kick straight. We kicked into gear, we were in the game at half-time, we gave our group a good amount of confidence. Melbourne’s second half this year hasn’t always been the best, so we were aware of that, so we gave ourselves a chance at half-time and we played a brilliant second half. The thing – probably the highlight was the pressure in the game, and the Cam Rayner spoil late in the game typified the effort and mindset of the players. It was a remarkable turnaround from two or three weeks ago when we were beaten by 10 goals. Goes to show that sports are great, right?

Q: I want to ask you about the rise and the pressure, early on Melbourne had so much space. You were pretty lucky they didn’t take their chances. The transformation in the levels of desperation, this is a time you expect them to be desperate anyway. What was going on, how do you think you can get two very different…

It’s hard to tell, Melbourne obviously threw everything at us early on to try and get us off our game, which is a hallmark of the way they played us to be honest. Sitting around a hotel all day waiting for a game. As an on the road team, you are always a little more vulnerable in the first quarters. We decided after that. I would love to be able to give you the answer as to be able to give you the answer as to why – I can’t say I know…

Q: What did you do differently in the games against Melbourne, how did you change your mindset in this game?

We have learned a lot this year. Probably we got a little too tied into the verbal stuff in the previous games. It took our focus away and leading up to the Richmond game last week we had a really good talk about our mindset going into the finals and not letting all the peripheral stuff kind of interrupt our processes and I thought we were able to do well last week against Richmond and then we get the opportunity to try it against the team that kind of rattled us, the team that kind of rattled us the most this year. We stood up well, went after the football, kept putting pressure on them, kept our minds on the game, [we] did not lose heart and faith when we were under the pump. All the things you need in finals, it’s about moments and hanging in sometimes and we did that tonight and we got a reward.



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