A Subtle Part Of King Charles’ Speech May Have Revealed The Truth About Meghan And Harry


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Hours after Queen Elizabeth’s death, her son King Charles III spoke out on the queen’s tragic death. Charles honored the late monarch, who has served the crown for 70 years during her reign, in a brief statement. The king revealed that he was extremely saddened by the loss of his mother, and saved the rest of his kind words for his first speech as monarch.

On Friday, King Charles III addressed the world, revealing the importance of many of the monarchy’s values and traditions. He also announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton had moved up in succession in a major way (via TMZ).

During Charles’ speech, he also mentioned his youngest son, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan Markle. The king briefly touched on the subject of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, revealing that he expressed his love to the couple as they “continue to build their lives overseas,” per Metro. However, many on Twitter noticed that Charles didn’t seem thrilled while discussing the topic of the Sussexes living in America. After speaking about Harry and Meghan, Charles can be seen giving a bit of an eye roll and slightly sighing as if to hint he’s still unhappy with the couple’s choices.

“He actually mentioned Harry and Meghan, I didn’t expect this tbh,” one person tweeted. “King Charles lll expresses his love for Harry and Meghan *sigh/eyeroll*” another commented. Perhaps the crown’s relationship with the Sussexes is something Charles can mend now that he’s king.



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