25 Best Flavored Vodkas That Aren’t Gross




Horseradish is an acquired taste, so Portland, Oregon-based Kachka vodka that is infused with locally-grown horseradish root isn’t for everyone. Kachka started as a Russian restaurant before it gained a larger following for its horseradish vodka that’s slightly sweet thanks to a drop of honey. The unique spirit is most often featured in dirty martinis, Bloody Marys, and oyster shooters, but Kachka also has its signature way of enjoying the vodka straight up. 

The brand recommends that, to do this properly, you should first take a scallion and dip it in flaky salt. After you shoot back an icy shot of Kachka Horseradish vodka, chase it with a bite of the salty scallion for a flavor explosion. “This is delicious,” one fan wrote on Kachka’s Instagram. If horseradish is one of your favorite condiments, consider this a bucket-list vodka that you simply have to get your hands on. 



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