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Prince Charles, at 73, will be the oldest monarch ever to be crowned in British history

The 96-year-old queen is surrounded by her family who have traveled to be with her and is said to be ‘comfortable’ at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen ascended the throne in 1952 at the age of 25, after the death of her father, King George VI.

But who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II if she dies? Here’s everything you need to know.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales during the state opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster in 2019 (Pic: Getty Images)

Who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II?

The Queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles of Wales is the first heir to the British throne.

Prince Charles will automatically become king after the Queen’s death.

The prince was previously married to Princess Diana from 1981 to 1996, and the princess died in 1997 after a car accident in Paris.

He is now married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, with whom the couple tied the knot in 2005.

When Charles becomes king, Camilla’s official title will be Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II confirmed the title of Duchess during her platinum jubilee celebrations, and Camellia was originally scheduled to receive the title Princess Consort.

During Queen Elizabeth’s 70th accession letter, she expressed her “sincere wish that Camilla, when such time comes, be known as Queen Consort while continuing her loyal service”.

The Queen with her heirs: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince Louis of Cambridge (Pic: Getty Images)

The Queen’s Succession Sequence:

  1. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales
  2. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  3. Prince George of Cambridge
  4. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
  5. Prince Louis of Cambridge
  6. Prince Harry

At 73, when Prince Charles accepted the position, he would be the oldest monarch to be crowned in British history.

Will Prince Charles be king?

Prince Charles will automatically become king after the Queen’s death.

However, there has been speculation that Prince Charles will pass the title on to his born son, Prince William, but that this could only happen if Prince Charles decides to abdicate.

The last time a monarch abdicated was King Edward VIII, who renounced his title in 1936 to marry American divorcee Wallace Simpson.

The group at UCL said: “Under common law, Prince Charles will automatically become king the moment the Queen dies. Prince William can only become king if Prince Charles chooses to abdicate.

“This would require legislation, as was done with the Declaration of the Abdication Act of 1936. The sequence of succession is regulated by Parliament (as in the Succession Act 1700, Succession to the Crown Act 2013); it can only be changed by Parliament and cannot be changed by one of the before the king of the day.”

What will Prince Charles be called?

If he takes the throne, the prince is expected to take the title of King Charles III.

The last time King Charles was in the United Kingdom was between 1660-1685.

His father, King Charles I, was the only British monarch executed by Oliver Cromwell in 1649.

However, Prince Charles could take another name because he has four.

Charles’ other names include: Philip, Arthur, and George.

Can the Queen decide who takes the throne?

The Queen cannot decide who will take the throne after her death.

The line of succession is regulated by Parliament and the King has no control over its change.

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