The San Francisco Restaurant That’s Run Exclusively By Robots




Despite operating solely on advanced technology, Mezli’s food hasn’t lost its human spirit. Founded by Stanford engineering graduates Max Peham, Alex Gruebele, and Alex Kolchinski, the trio knew fast service and affordable prices weren’t enough to satisfy customers. While the restaurant’s mission is founded on convenience and frugality, the founders partnered with Michelin-star chef Eric Minnich to ensure that the robotic chef mimics the food quality of a Michelin-star meal (per Mezli).

According to QSR, the restaurant industry spends $28 billion a year to keep kitchen appliances operating, and when equipment is down, the lost revenue is estimated at $46 billion industry-wide. Because the restaurant eliminated labor and appliance repair costs, per Instagram a Mezli bowl starts at only $4.99 — not a bad price during times of inflation and food insecurity

As technology continues making its way into the restaurant industry, it’s warranted for employees to heed concern for the future of their income. While Mezli operates solely on technology, its business model doesn’t necessarily define the exact role of the robots. Those restaurants introducing robots into their kitchens doesn’t necessarily mean replacing human labor entirely. Between self-repairing equipment, improved purchasing decisions, and refined staff recruiting, AI has the potential to make an often grueling job easier (per QSR).



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