Sexologist Shares The Secret To A Fulfilling Sex Life After 50


Especially as you get older, you should embrace whatever feels good to you feels good, Dr. Jess O’Reilly explains to The List. “The world is your sexual oyster,” she adds. “Don’t get hung up on having one type of sex.” She also advises folks not to let limiting cultural beliefs about what constitutes “real” sex (i.e. penis-in-vagina) stop you from finding your own unique path to pleasure — however you define it.

By broadening your definition of sex to turn the spotlight on pleasure, you can find sexual enjoyment in a number of forms, says Dr. O’Reilly. She explains that these completely individual preferences can be “physical, spiritual, practical, sensual, emotional, relational and/or erotic.” Sexual experiences can range from kissing, to erotic massage, from sex toys to oral sex, and even from sexual fantasies to BDSM. To discover what exactly makes you tick, especially after 50, Dr. O’Reilly recommends exploring your body from head to toe and tuning into the sensations without judgment. It’s your sex life, and you get to decide what feels sexy for you.



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