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Riot Games has officially dropped a Legends of Runeterra A roadmap for the remainder of 2022 while exciting rotations and new ways to play in 2023.

Although developers rotate and worry about the future Legends of Runeterra Throughout 2022, Riot hasn’t given up on the digital card game, publishing half of its 2022 roadmap late but welcoming a comeback Twitter today. The remaining months of the 2022 schedule contain more Darkin drops, the World Championship, and several major balance patches. Several harassments were also made in 2023, from more LoR– Exclusive heroes for new ways to play and take turns.

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Rotation is a hot topic within LoR community, as many players are concerned that it could have a negative impact on competitive ranked play in PvP mode. Card games like Magic: The Gathering It relies on rotation to maintain a new standard format while creating various other formats that use old cards in both competitive and casual play. No details about the upcoming rotation have been revealed at the time of writing, although players are expecting more information before the end of the year.

every month inside LoR The 2022 Roadmap Part 2 features either new champions, competitive gameplay, champion path updates that include new champions, and balance patches. The seasonal tournament is listed under September but will likely take place in October.

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Here everything happens in LoR for the remainder of 2022.


  • release the awakening The expansion and the beginning of The Darkin Saga
  • Bad Event, Part 1
  • Balance patch sometime in the middle of the month
  • Heroes Path Updates


  • seasonal awakening
  • Three new heroes
  • Arclight Event
  • New path for heroes


  • Legends of Runeterra World Championship 2022
  • Correcting the balance of the worlds


  • The Darkin Saga finale
  • New heroes
  • Bad Happening, Part Two
  • balance patch
  • New path for heroes

2023 and beyond

Events and drops that occur in 2023, according to the 2022 roadmap, include additional events LoR– Exclusive heroes like Nora. New ways to play are also expected, a LoR Rotation, more stretch versions, and balance spots to coincide with new stretch drops.

Players can dive into waking up Expand now in LoRShowcasing five new champions added to PvP and Path of Champions. It’s never too late to jump into the spoiled event as well, and introduce players Rewards that range from wildcards to Kane’s prismatic complexion.



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