Roy Rogers Breakfast Menu Ranked From Worst To Best


The main problem with a fruit cup, whether it comes from Roy Rogers, a different fast food chain, or the Four Seasons, is that it’s dull, dull, dull. We can’t think of a single kind of fruit that isn’t vastly improved by pairing it with a more exciting partner such as ice cream or cake or, okay, if you insist on being healthy, maybe some yogurt or a bowl of cereal. Fruit plus more fruit plus still more fruit is … well, okay(ish), but not the kind of breakfast anyone’s going to get too excited about.

The Roy Rogers fruit cup pictured on its website looks decent enough as far as fruit cups go, with red grapes, strawberries, and blueberries, in addition to chunks of melon. In reality, they go a lot heavier on the cheaper fruits, so it’s more like a melon cup with maybe a few berries. And if you’re thinking “Well, at least a fruit cup is hard to screw up,” think again. One Yelp reviewer notes that a fruit cup ordered by their friend “was dried out and left out.” Ick.



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