Meghan King files for restraining order against ex Jim Edmonds


The family feud continues. Meghan King filed a temporary restraining order against ex-husband Jim Edmonds earlier this year, Us Weekly confirms.

That Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 37, requested the order in June amid her ongoing custody battle with the retired baseball player, 56. According to TMZ, King claimed Edmonds has engaged in “frequent and consistent verbal abuse” against her via text and the court-monitored co-parenting app, our family guide.

Although the reality TV personality has not publicly commented on the restraining order, a representative for the former St. Louis Cardinals player on abuse allegations. “This request for a protective order is completely baseless and makes an absolute mockery of the pain suffered by the millions of women in this country who are legitimate victims of abuse,” Edmonds Rep. Steve HonigNarrator U.S in a statement.

King, who married the sportscaster in October 2014, has been open about her difficult relationship since their split in October 2019. In February, the Missouri native shared U.S that the couple is “struggling” to communicate with each other while trying to parent their three children, Aspen, 5, and twins Hart and Hayes, 4. “I don’t know what coparenting is,” she said at the time. “I don’t know what it is. That’s not how I do it. I want to be the one who gets the advice. To be a co-parent you have to communicate right? Yeah, so that would be a good start. … Jim hates me. That is terrible.”

Five months later, King told someone else Real housewife Caroline Stanbury that she and Edmonds have a “terrible” relationship. “We have [a worse] relationship than we did when we split,” she said during a July appearance on the “Divorced Not Dead” podcast. “It’s so damaging to the kids [and] for us as individuals.”

During the interview — which took place a month after she filed for protection — the former Bravo personality claimed that she only communicates with her ex-husband through Our Family Wizard. “It makes me feel safer because it makes me feel like the verbal abuse will be toned down a little bit more,” King said. “Unfortunately – and shockingly – that’s not always the case, but it gives me a little bit more comfort to know that I have eyes that can be on it.”

Despite the tension, King told Stanbury that she hoped one day to be able to be with Edmonds peacefully. “I will never stop holding on to hope [for that],” she said. “I would love to be able to communicate amicably. I would love to sit at a parent-teacher conference and sit with him and talk about our kids.”

Later that month, however, things took a turn for the worse when Edmonds publicly slammed the former “Intimate Knowledge” co-host for “exploiting” son Hart’s potty training struggles for social media content. “Jim wishes Meghan would respect their children’s privacy and stop putting the spotlight on their son and his challenges,” Edmonds’ manager told TMZ at the time. The former athlete also claimed that King got their little one’s diagnosis wrong in her post about Hart.

While talking about trying to potty train the toddler, she said Hart has trouble learning new skills because he has cerebral palsy. But Edmonds’ manager told TMZ that he was actually diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL, which causes a softening of white brain tissue near the ventricles. “If Meghan wants to improve her ability to be with Jim, it might be a good idea for her to stop constantly belittling him,” he added.

After the duo’s divorce was finalized in May 2021, Edmonds became engaged to Courtney O’Connor. King, for his part, married Joe Biden‘s nephew Cuffe Owens in October 2021 after a whirlwind romance. They called it quits just two months later and she confirmed in July that the marriage had been annulled.



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