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Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longtime monarch and head of state, who died on September 8, was an ever-present figure in the lives of most people around the world.

Although it is impossible to get a completely accurate population figure, it is safe to say that since the Queen’s accession to the British throne in 1952, more than 9 billion people have lived during her reigns, and most will have at least been aware of his.

According to global birth data from science publisher Our World in Data, 9.068 billion people have been born since 1952 (and 3.625 billion have died).

Queen Elizabeth in Windsor, UK, in 2016. The Queen’s reign has coincided with the birth of over 9 billion people.
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If we add this to the estimate of the world’s population (according to the United Nations Population Division) who are currently aged 70 and over, which is 485 million, that makes a total of over 9.5 billion of people who were alive during his reign.

How many people in the world can remember a time before the Queen?

It’s easier to work with. The Queen had been on the throne since 1952. Add a few years since people don’t remember much from birth to around age four or five, and the best guide would be to look at the world’s population over 75. . According to the UN, there were approximately 283 million people in the world aged 75 and over in 2021.

The UN estimate at that time for the world’s population was 7.909 billion. This would suggest that currently 7.6 billion people on earth have no prior memory of the Queen’s reign.

Since the start of her reign, the Queen has seen other substantial changes in the world’s population.

In addition to rising from 2.59 billion to around 8 billion today, in 1952 the average life expectancy in the world was 46.7 years. It is now over 72. China and India were the largest countries in the world, as they are now, but with less than half the population they have today. The United States, which currently has a population of over 335 million, had a population of approximately 152 million.

The Commonwealth – the political organization which has its origins in the former British Empire – grew under the Queen’s rule from eight countries to 54 members, with more than 2.5 billion people.

Finally, the Queen’s image has appeared on the currency of many countries, and her image has been reproduced on stamps and coins so many times that a precise figure is impossible to establish.

An estimate of the number of stamps bearing his image is 220 billion; since his coronation, the UK’s Royal Mint alone has produced 68 billion coins in his image. That’s nearly 300 billion times in the UK alone. Add the rest of the Commonwealth, and in total, its image may well have been reproduced more than half a trillion times.



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