Former Prime Minister Theresa May Shows Her Admiration For The Late Queen


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Tributes from world leaders, past and present, have been pouring in after news broke about the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II. Some leaders, like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleneklyy and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, took to Twitter to share their condolences. Former British prime minister Theresa May also shared her tribute on Twitter, writing that it was “the honor of [her] life” to serve Queen Elizabeth. “Her Majesty witnessed tremendous change,” May wrote, ” moving adroitly with the times but always providing stability and reassurance. She was our constant throughout this great Elizabethan era.” What’s more, May tweeted that she believed the queen possessed “[a] sense of quiet determination, of courage, of faith, and of hope in the future” that she felt was summed up in the queen’s call on the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day to “never give up, never despair.” 

While the relationship between the queen and her prime ministers was always subject to speculation, Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth were reported to share an uncommonly close bond. One source told Express that during their meetings, the queen and former prime minister would talk casually and intimately about their families in a way the queen hadn’t with previous prime ministers. According to ITV’s royal editor, Chris Ship, May’s “hard work and many hours of negotiation” were talked about “with admiration” by members of the royal family despite the fact they’re supposed to be above “political debate,” per Tatler.



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