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Amid a national crisis of confidence in the FBI after years of revelations that the agency has repeatedly abused its powers to rig elections for Democrats, new public documents expose another abuse of power from the FBI.

Documents obtained by Daily Caller reporter Gabi Kaminsky indicate The FBI has Secretly She lobbied an unknown number of Americans to give up their constitutional right to bear arms without being convicted of any crime in ordinary court, another constitutional right.

It was revealed that there was a form that FBI agents pressured Americans to sign after they showed up at their doors after a legal battle to have the FBI respond to an open records request from American gun owners (GOA).

GOA attorney Robert Olson told The Daily Caller News Foundation: “The people targeted in these ways are … are not ‘prohibited persons’ and have not committed any actual crime for which they can be charged.” The FBI claims it discontinued use of the form in 2019, but obtained records show that the FBI has used the form to deprive US citizens of their natural rights outside the constitutional mechanism of due process in US courts at least 15 times.

“The FBI has refused to determine any legal justification for these models,” Kaminsky wrote.

Several of those pressured by the FBI to sign the form after reporting their threat of violence on social media have been investigated.

Many on the left consider disagreement with their views to be violence. That’s the rationale for Big Tech companies that control what Americans can see online to ban those who say men can’t become women, including Federal Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson. In the UK, people have been visited by police for violating leftist sex ideology, and in Finland, a member of Parliament has been prosecuted in court for quoting the Bible on homosexuality.

The Biden administration has also identified many shared political views of conservatives as domestic terrorist threats. Last week, President Joe Biden linked the 74 million Americans who voted for his opponent in 2020 to “domestic extremists,” or, in other words, a terrorist threat. 2021 Department of Homeland Security note They were given as examples of “domestic violent extremism” views shared by tens of millions of Americans, including supporting only legal immigration, raising concerns about mass mail-in balloting, and objecting to Covid lockdowns.

Half of independent voters and 68 percent of Republican voters believe the FBI and the Department of Justice are corrupt, according to a poll two weeks ago.

FBI informants recently told Congress that the Biden administration is asking them to reclassify the cases as “domestic extremism” to inflate their numbers and amplify the threat. This is just one of a series of recent public disclosures that illustrate the federal law enforcement agency’s mass corruption.

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