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A South Carolina Democrat is calling on a colleague – her party’s US Senate nominee – to resign her State House seat and suspend her campaign after a series of leaked remarks emerged saying she should woo gang members and disrespecting white people to get votes.

In an op-ed published in South Carolina Politics FitsNews blogSouth Carolina Rep. Justin Bamberg says state Rep. Krystle Matthews should suspend her candidacy against Republican Sen. Tim Scott after video remarks were released by right-wing outlet Project Veritas representing Matthews, a black woman, saying she needs to treat white people ‘like s***’ in order to earn their respect in a larger conversation about how black candidates change their ways when engaging with voters whites.

“Let me tell you something,” Matthews can be heard on the edited video posted to the band’s website on Wednesday. “You should know who you’re dealing with. You gotta treat them like crap. I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. I keep them here, like under my thumb. Like, you have to. Otherwise, they get out of control, like children.

In the video, Project Veritas also released audio from prison featuring someone it identified as Matthews telling an inmate that political campaigns need “gangstas” who understand the streets they can. “clean up and put on costume”.

Bamberg, who is also black, wrote that Matthews’ comments and actions were ‘toxic’ and did not uphold Democratic Party values ​​or ‘the moral standards that many of us hold ourselves to and strive to live by’. . He accused Matthews of encouraging gang members to “hide their affiliations just for the votes”, even if it means young black men “will always end up in jail or in the cemetery”.

“If any of our white counterparts had said the same thing about black people, the minority community, myself included, would have taken up arms to demand that member’s immediate resignation,” Bamberg wrote. “That’s what I’m doing today.

“Despite the best efforts of some of us, the SC General Assembly remains imperfect. Perfection is the goal because that is what the people of SC deserve. And perfection will never be possible if members spit blatantly toxic based on racial animosity, disdain, or outright hatred Ms. Matthews’ words and actions do not reflect SC Democrats, do not reflect myself or my values, and do not reflect the progress that so many of us in this state work every day to achieve.”

Newsweek contacted Matthews for comment.

South Carolina Representative and U.S. Senate candidate Krystle Matthews in an early campaign ad for her 2022 U.S. Senate bid against Senator Tim Scott.
Photo Provided/Krystle Matthews for the Senate

This is the second time the organization has released content involving Matthews this year, following the release of a prison recording over the summer in which Matthews appeared to advocate accepting drug money to support his country.

“I don’t care about dope money, give me that dope boy money,” Matthews said on the call. “Where are the gym bag boys?” »

Matthew publicly apologized before calling on Democrats to unite around her, believing that Democrats are too often “distracted or redirected” in pursuit of a common goal.

Matthews, who flipped his Statehouse seat from Republican control in 2018, has been redistributed to a much more conservative district this cycle and faces losing his House seat in the November election.

With just $30,000 in cash and more than $15,000 in debt coming into the summer, according to campaign finance reports, his campaign also faces a significant fundraising disadvantage against Scott, the one of the U.S. Senate’s most formidable fundraisers and a strong frontrunner for a seat the Democrats haven’t won since Senator Fritz Hollings left office in 2005.

The South Carolina Republican Party has already signaled its intention to target Matthews in the November election.

“This is blatantly racist. Point blank. Period,” South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick said in a statement Thursday. “What happens when a white family in his district needs help? Does Matthews help them or treat them like crap? The fact that the question even has to be asked is more than enough to demand his resignation.”



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