A CNN Interview About The Queen’s Death Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


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Most people are all torn up about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. From Donald Trump to Joe Biden and from King Charles III to Victoria Beckham, tributes have been flooding in since it was announced the prolific monarch had died at the age of 96.

But not everyone feels heartbreak over the Queen’s death. Take one person who was interviewed during a CNN segment about the heavy day in Britain. A clip of the cringe-worthy moment has gone viral on Twitter because the woman’s reaction to the interviewer’s question was definitely not what he expected.

First, he asks how the woman felt upon hearing the Queen was under medical supervision. She replies that this is upsetting news about anyone, but then goes on to admit, “I’m not, like, the biggest fan of the Queen.” She adds the monarchy in general isn’t really her thing and she isn’t too upset.

Then, the CNN interviewer wades deeper, asking why she isn’t a fan of the monarchy, to which the woman answers it’s to do with “British colonialism” and other “shady” things about the royals, going on to mention Prince Andrew specifically.

“Fair enough,” the interview concludes, and it seems most commenters agree, with someone noting that the woman expressed her opinion in a way that wasn’t “cruel or nasty” and she certainly had a right to feel that way.



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